Is Free Web Hosting Really Free?

One of the options that people look at when seeking out web hosting solutions is free web hosting. There are web hosting sites that provide the needed services for free. These sites have become an integral part of web hosting. Some sites offer web hosting at completely free of charge while others may offer it as a package. When thinking of creating a website, one of the first things that one would do is to find a web host. A website must have a place where all its data and files will be stored. This is what hosting is all about. Some people, however prefer to get a test drive first. This is where they get a chance to see how the website behaves and how the services are.

Free of charge

A free webhosting site is good for test drives. A new website that does not have too many elements to consider could start out with free hosting. A beginner could use free web hosting to find out what the concept is all about. This would be a good way to learn what other elements need to be factored in to make sure a website stays up. There are sites that will offer absolutely no charges for web hosting. That means one wouldn’t have to pay anything for the hosting. People always ask if the hosting is really free. The bottom line is there are no charges for putting up the site.

Forced adverts


There is however a catch in all this. Free web hosting will have adverts on the site. That means your site may have adverts for other products. Some people don’t agree with this and may prefer paying for the services instead. Free web hosting sites however have their own niche. There are those websites that are not too important so to speak. These are sites that can survive very well on free hosting. A blogging site for instance is one type of site that benefits very much from free hosting. A blog site does not have too many factors to incorporate and this is why people use free hosting. This is especially true for a new site.

Free hosting a plan

There are also web hosting services that provide free web hosting as part of a plan. Web hosting plans are tailored for different markets. A site may have a free plan as a trial version. If a potential client wanted to see what the services look like, they could get the free plan to test drive it first. If they liked the services, then they could upgrade from there. In this scenario, the “free web hosting” may not be really free. A user may have to pay a little amount to get hosted by the particular services. All in all, it may take time before a user realizes just how free a certain site is. Some sites may begin to charge a little amount after a little while. For some people, free means that they don’t have to pay a single cent and there are sites that will offer that. When using these sites however, one should be ready to put up with the advertisements that will be put on their site.

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Should I Consider Python Web Hosting

Python is one of the oldest languages when it comes to programming. The language is simple and straight forward and offers something different compared to other languages. Writing code is not particularly easy for everyone. A beginner may especially find it very hard to get through some languages. This makes it hard when creating a website. Python however, offers a simpler way out. The language is, however slower than others. This is indeed a factor to consider when it comes to web hosting. On the other hand, the language is clear and easy to learn. When it comes to scanning the code the language makes it easier because it is indented and is not cluttered. There are not very many variables to deal with compared to other coding languages. Python web hosting is fairly common and some of the biggest websites use the language.



One big advantage why Python is considered is because of its compatibility. The language can be used in any number of platforms. Currently it’s used with Unix and Linux. These are the two platforms for web hosting. Writing code in Python can be done very fast. The simplicity of the language makes it convenient to do so. This is why it is favorable when it comes to web applications. There are some sites like YouTube that have to deal with a lot of data and have used Python for their coding. This is another reason that one would consider going with Python for their web hosting.


When deciding whether to use Python web hosting or not, another thing to have in mind is that there are web hosting sites that will not support Python. Therefore one must always check with the site if they provide it. It is particularly hard to find Python being offered by a site offering shared hosting. This is a big element to factor in when debating whether to go with Python web hosting or not. A company may be looking for shared web hosting because it is the affordable option they have. This would consequently disqualify the option of Python.

There are websites that will provide Python already installed on their servers. This means all one has to do is write the code. There are sites that make it possible to fully develop a website using a browser and internet access. When the server already has the Python installation, then there is not much to do. There is no need to install software and that makes things easier. Python web hosting should also come with technical support. Even though the code is simple to learn and write, a thing or two may come in the way. This is especially the reason some sites do not offer Python. There is the risk that someone without the proper knowhow will try to develop a website with python and end up slowing the whole server. This would be a great inconvenience especially where the server is used by several people. Technical support is one thing that a hosting site should make sure to provide to help iron out those hiccups when they come up.

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How many Sites are on a Free Web Hosting Server?

Free web hosting is a common term whenever talking about site hosting. A free web hosting server provides the benefits of hosting without charges. There are a lot of people in the online community that want to create a website for one purpose or another. There are websites on pretty much anything. Not all of these websites are paid for. The majority of the sites are hosted for free. When someone needs to start a website on say cooking classes, they may not necessarily have to pay for it. A new website especially is usually tried out on a free web hosting site first. This will provide the webmaster a chance to see what the website is like. It is at this juncture that one gets to see what the website may need in terms of improvements.

Factors that influence the number of sites

A free web hosting server also gives people a chance to see how successful their websites could get. With all the people out there doing test drives for their sites and some using the free hosting for good, there are so many sites that are found on a free web hosting server. There are billions of websites that can be found on a free web hosting server. This is because there are so many sites out there that use the free hosting. Websites will upgrade to paid service as the needs for the websites increase. There are some limitations with free hosting that make it necessary for websites to upgrade. For instance there are some scripts that would not be allowed on a free web hosting server. This may be an inconvenience to the site.

The advertisements that may be put on the website are also something else that makes people switch their hosting. One downside that free hosting has is that it is is usually supported by advertisements. Having to deal with adverts on one’s website may not be ideal in some cases. This is why some people opt to use the paid services. This way they have a better chance of controlling what goes into their site and what doesn’t. Some free hosting sites will also have limitations on the space provided. This can be a great disadvantage depending on what kind of site it is. Some sites need large amounts of disk space to function properly. A free web hosting server may not be able to provide this. This is why some sites may move from a free server and onto a paid one.

Hosting policies

There are very many sites that offer free web hosting services. All these sites provide a platform for all those websites out there that are looking for hosting. There are some sites that allow the use of already registered domain names. This just increases the number of sites being hosted. Another thing is that there are some policies on free web hosting sites that may not be favorable for some websites. The issue of image hosting for instance. There are some sites that need images to present the infroamtion they need to present. This means that a site like that cannot use a free web hosting server. All these are different fundamental factors that influence the number of sites that can be found on a free web hosting server.

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The Best Web Hosting Directory

A web hosting directory is used when trying to find a web hosting site. There are very many web hosting sites online. All these claims to provide what is needed. One however must be sure what they are getting into before making a final pick. Directories help a lot when looking for web hosting site. A beginner, especially could use with a good web hosting directory. A directory will offer a list of the sites to look at. This is convenient because it saves time. There are very many web hosting sites out there. Finding the right one may take time. When one searches for web hosting sites online, thousands of results will come up. It may get quite tasking, getting the most suitable one. A comprehensive compilation of the top ones helps a lot. It saves energy and resources.

The best web hosting directory will provide information that is relevant. A beginner may especially have a hard time finding what they are looking for. With a directory, all that becomes easier. A good directory will provide information on the different plans. Outlining the most popular plans will help when picking one. Armed with a list of the top plans to look at, one can proceed with the other part of the research.

Benefits to the site


Directories are also an advantage to the web hosting sites. One big benefit is that they provide some form of marketing. When a site has their link in one of the best web hosting directory, it gives them an edge. This is because visitors of the directory will get to see their links and may click on them. Directories are a good way to increase the amount of traffic that a certain site gets. More traffic means more potential clients. This is the kind of advertising that will lead to more business for a web hosting site. It’s just a matter of submitting to the right one.

Getting user reviews

A web hosting directory would be a good investment for a hosting site. Getting listed on a directory makes it easier for people to find the site. A web hosting directory will also post user reviews. These are very important for people when they are choosing a web hosting site. Reviews provide a scale for comparison between the different sites. A review can make a lot of difference when selecting a site. It is from reviews that people learn the pros and cons of a certain site. Any decent directory will provide reviews for the users to consider.

A web hosting directory is the first place that people will turn to when they need to get good information. There are directories that will offer listings for local web hosting sites. There are people who prefer local hosting as opposed to overseas. In such an instance, one would use a directory to get the local hosting sites. The best web hosting directory is one that makes it easier for people to find the services they need. Whether its local or not a directory should provide the information needed to make a wise choice. With all the directories available online, one should be able to find one that suits their needs.

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The Truth about Hostgator Coupons

Hostgator coupons help save money when looking to get web hosting services from Hostgator. Being one of the most prominent web hosting sites online, you can see why one would use the services. Getting these services however does not mean that one has to spend a lot of money. The coupons for Hostgator hosting services go a long way in helping with that. It is of uttermost importance, though to know everything there is to know about Hostgator coupons. This way one would know how to best use them. One very important thing to note is that the coupons are very specific. There are coupons that are only meant for hosting. This means that a hosting coupon cannot be used for any other service. This would be a critical aspect to note when buying coupons.

For specific services

A Hostgator coupon will also have specific terms attached to it. These terms are what determine how29w the coupon is used. There are coupons that are designed for specific plans. One may find that a coupon is only good for the Hatchling and the Baby plans. There are some coupons that can be used for all the six Hostgator plans. One must first know what plan they intend to use before purchasing coupons. This would help to avoid any misunderstandings. It’s not unheard of for someone to buy a coupon and then find out that it cannot be used for the plan they have.

Hatchling and Baby Coupons


Hostgator coupons provide different kinds of discounts. The discounts offered will mostly vary with the plan and the duration of the services. There is the common 1centbeat coupon. This is a coupon that is offered for the Hatching and Baby plan. With this coupon, one can get either of these two plans for 1 cent for the first month of service. If the coupon is used on any other plan, then the discount translates to 9.94 dollars. This is for the month to month services.

For all plans

Currently, there is the 30% off Hostgator coupon. This is the most valuable coupon at the moment. The coupon can be used on all the plans for Hostgator hosting services. The discount will be more depending on the duration of the services. Someone getting a 3 year plan for instance will save more than someone getting a six month or one year service. One must take note of this. If you are sure you will need the services for a while, then it is better to go with the longer duration. This way one would save more.

Hostgator coupons are relatively easy to use. It’s just a matter of filling in the right places for the web hosting plan and the duration then using the code that has been purchased. When doing this, there is a button on the site that validates the coupon. There are also expiration dates that come on the coupons. The 30% hostgator coupons are especially limited to certain websites. It is important to know for how long the coupon will stay valid. Hostgator coupons provide everything for anyone. For someone just looking to get a trial for Hostgator services, then there are the 1cent promo codes that one can use. If one is looking for full service, then there are the 30% and the 25% coupons to get.

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